Future Composites Hub Open Day Program


10:00 - 10:30  Welcome & Keynote Lecture 

Chair: Nick Warrior

10:00 - 10.10  Welcome and Introduction, Professor Nick Warrior, University of Nottingham 

10:10 - 10:30  Keynote Lecture: "Composites Manufacturing in the Wind Industry", Dr Adrian Gill, Vestas Wind Systems 

Research Presentations (sessions running in parallel)

10.40 – 12.00  Track A

Chair: James Kratz

10.40 Dr Eric Kim, University of Bristol 
Fibre-Steered Forming Technology - High-Rate, Sustainable Production of Complex Composite Parts

11.00 Dr Colin Robert, The University of Edinburgh 
Automated Production of Powder Epoxy Carbon Fibre Tape for Automated Fibre Placement 

11.20 Dr Dongmin Yang, The University of Edinburgh 
COMPrinting: Novel 3D Printing of Curved Continuous Carbon Fibre Reinforced Power-based Epoxy Composites 

11.40 Dr Gabriele Voto, Cranfield University & Dr Robin Hartley, University of Bristol  
Layer By Layer Curing 

10.40 – 12.00  Track B

Chair: Lee Harper 

10.40 Professor Michael Sutcliffe, University of Cambridge 
Design Simulation Tools and Process Improvements for NCF Preforming 

11.00 Dr Andrew Parsons, University of Nottingham 
Enhanced Characterisation and Simulation Methods for Thermoplastic Overmoulding 

11.20 Dr Connie Qian, University of Warwick 
Numerical Simulation of Compression Moulding of SMC and Prepreg

11.40 Neil Reynolds, University of Warwick 
Optimised Manufacturing of Structural Composites via Thermoelectric Vario-thermal Tooling (VarioTherm) 

12.20 – 13:05  Introduction to 2021 Young Engineers Competition   

Tim Wybrow, Chairman of SAMPE UK & Ireland Chapter 

12.20 - SAMPE Young Engineers 'Design and Make' Competition including judging


13.05 – 14:15  Quick-fire Session   

Chair: Janice Barton 

13.05 - Quick-fire Session by 18 presenters 

Andrea Codolini - Characterisation of Double Diaphragm Forming Repeatability 

Salem Erouel - Segmented-Tool Forming with Adaptive Clamping 

Adam Joesbury - Prepreg Tack Testing: Round Robin Study 

Guy Lawrence - Frictional Behaviour of Non-crimp Fabrics in Composite Preforming 

Angela Lendinez Torres - Fibre Orientation Effects in Composite Forming Processes 

Mikhail Matveev - Active RTM: Resin Injection into Reinforcement with Uncertain Heterogeneous Properties 

James Mortimer - In-situ Polymerisation and Double Diaphragm Forming 

Michael O'Leary - Infusion of Integrated Structures with Semi-Cured Elements 

Jinseong Park - Impact Damage Tolerance of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Thermoset Composites with Hybrid Yarn 

Laura Pickard - Next Generation Fibre-Reinforced Composites: A Full Scale Redesign for Compression Pultruded Rod Based Composites 

Gwladys Popo - In-line Monitoring and Control of the Resin Filling Stage in the RTM Process 

Usman Shafique - Rapid Flow Assessment in Automated Dry Fibre Preforms - a Numerical and Experimental Study 

Shimin Lu - Deposition Behaviour of Carbon Fibres Processed by Automated Dry Fibre Placement (ADFP) 

Kazi Sowrov - Processing and Manufacturing Mechanics of 3D Woven Composites 

George Street - Thermal Management for Low-Cost Thermoplastic Composite Components 

Matt Thompson - Braiding of Composite Structures 

Verner Viisainen - Predicting Fabric Wrinkling for a Given Geometry Using Deep Learning 

Daniel Wilson - Defect Detection and Mitigation in Advanced SMCs 

14.15 – 14:45  Keynote   

Chair: Ole Thomsen  

14.15 - Keynote Lecture: Dr Isabelle Paris, Bombadier Aviation: "Industry Perspectives on Composite Airframe Structures Development and Certification"  


14.45 – 15:30  Training Opportunities    

Chair: Ole Thomsen  

14.45 - Hub Training Opportunities, Dr Michael Johnson, University of Nottingham 

14.55 - Knowledge Exchange/Closing Remarks, Professor Ole Thomsen, University of Bristol 

15.30 - Meeting Close